White Stripes Sales Surge In UK After Split

    Splitting up can be the most lucrative move a band can make at present. Thurston Moore has bemoaned the fact that Sonic Youth could be raking in the cash if they had broken up the band and subsequently enjoyed a big reunion pay day, and it’s likely that Jack White has had similar thoughts following the split of the White Stripes earlier this week. But the band is already making some money according to reports from the UK, which suggest that sales of the band’s records have increased significantly following the split.


    Amazon.co.uk is reporting that sales of the documentary Under the Great White Northern Lights have increased by 2,644% (nope, I have no idea what that means either) since Wednesday, while White Blood Cells is up 612% and Elephant is at 402%. Perhaps the music industry has finally cracked that pesky piracy problem? Get your biggest artists to break up and sales will skyrocket, then get them to reform and gorge on the reunion cash cow. 


    [via Clash]