White Stripes Reissuing Pair Of Early Singles For Record Store Day

    If you don’t know yet, this year’s Record Store Day is April 21. The holiday for artists, fans, labels and everyone in between will see Third Man Records reissue two 12-year-old singles by Jack White‘s first band, The White Stripes. “Handsprings,” as Third Man notes, was first released as a split with fellow Detroit rockers, The Dirtbombs. “Red Death at 6:14,” on the flipside, made its debut on on Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, a compilation album that White also produced.

    Both songs made second appearances through magazines as well; “Handsprings” was given away for free in issue #19 of Multiball, and “Death” was again released as a one-sided single from MOJO. Now, for Record Store Day, these two signature White Stripes jams are being put out together on limited edition black and red swirled vinyl. You can listen to both tunes below. [CoS]


    “Red Death At 6:14”