When Mastodon Met Barney

    When Mastodon arrived at the Egyptian Theater in Indianapolis, Ind., they noticed that above their name on the marquee, it said, “Barney’s Birthday Bash.” So the Atlanta rockers went inside for soundcheck, things were going normally, but then they had to stop playing. Apparently, Barney the big purple dinosaur was actually in the house, celebrating some birthday. Mastodon’s soundcheck scared the poor thing. Guitarist Bill Kelliher said, “That’s what they told us. Seriously.” The band eventually met the Barney cast and got to hang out. “We invited all the characters to come to our show. I mean, they were out of their costumes, of course, but it was cool to meet them. They were in a tour bus as well, so we shared some stories. They’re on a totally different level than we are.” How different could their levels be, really?

    Anyway, the result of this biblical meeting was solidified in the form of the picture on your screen. This news comes from a brief interview Kelliher did with Spin. In addition to Barney, you can read about Mastodon’s groovy and latest record, The Hunter. If only they would do a guest spot on Yo Gabba Gabba! [Spin]