Wil Wheaton Sets Phaser to Whoop Ass Over Joaquin Phoenix’s Proposed Floyd Rap

    Wil Wheaton, who will forever be fondly remembered as space-Doogie Wesley Crusher, has apparently threatened nascent rapper Joaquin Phoenix with physical violence if he continues with a proposed "hip-hop version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall." Posting on FARK.com, Wheaton (or someone posing as him) had this to say:


    I swear to god, I will farking fight him if he goes through with this. Build a Thunderdome, motherfarkers, because I have my A game ready. I knew you when you were Leaf, Joaquin! I know where your weak spots are, and I will fight so farking dirty you’ll be cryin’ for your momma. Who I also knew when you were Leaf, and is a lovely woman.

    Following the link back from the comment indicates that the poster is probably Wheaton and not a Trekkie who arrived to the site late and found all Worf-related screen names were gone. There is no information at this time about whether construction on any Thunderdome-like structure has begun or Danny Bonaduce will be fighting the undercard versus MC Frontalot. [FARK]