Whatever Became of Veruca Salt?

    Ever wonder what happened to Veruca Salt? E.N. May did, and wrote up an account of the band’s post-buzz years over at Consequence of Sound.


    Veruca Salt was the 1990s alternative rock band named after a character from the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The Chicago group was co-fronted by two women, Nina Gordon and Louise Post. Gordon wrote the band’s two Modern Rock hits, “Seether” and “Volcano Girls.” The band never quite capitalized on its initial success, and then Gordon left the band, in a flurry of fighting and controversy.

    Well, it turns out Post revived the band after a hiatus and kept it going, in much the way Doug Yule kept the Velvet Underground afloat after Lou Reed split. According to the C.O.S. feature, Post focused on touring and writing in Europe and Australia, where the band still had an audience. (The story doesn’t note this, but it’s worth mentioning that a lot of Veruca Salt’s thunder was stolen when Alanis Morissette hit the charts in the time between their two albums. The Canadian singer gave would-be alternative fans a far, far more commercial version of the homegrown music bands like Veruca Salt and others were peddling and changed the musical landscape.)


    Anyway, the Post-led version of Veruca Salt soldiered on through the last decade, releasing its final album IV in 2006. Gordon went on to become a reasonably successful solo artist. Post and Gordon patched up their friendship, but never played together again.