Watch: What Not To Ask A$AP Rocky And Danny Brown (Videos)

    Noisey recently gave A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown a chance to catch up by a pool over some tropical drinks, and the conversation turned to how each rapper approaches dealing with the press. Neither of the two like doing interviews, mostly because they’ve been asked the same biographical questions over and over. They also agree that to get through an interview, they usually get high. 
    On the topic of critics, Rocky claims he’s more interested in watching fans’ videos on YouTube about his shows than reading reviews, while Danny Brown explains that reviews are a huge part of how he studies music, and that he prefers a professional opinion:
    “I care more about critic reviews than fan reviews. Fans is fickle, bro. I think motherfuckers like what they like, and they’re going to eventually move on to liking some new shit.”
    See it all in part 3/5 of the interview: