What Is The Best Band Name Of All Time?

    Fresh from the Department of Completely Subjective Ephemera: The staff over at SPIN has decided to pool its collected critical expertise to somehow divine the Greatest Band Names of All Time. The list of 40 names — would a top 10 not have gotten enough traffic? — was developed using a rubric about as scientifically accountable as an E-meter.  Points were awarded to names for being succinct, typographically appealing, tactile, and clever, among other meticulously chosen criteria.

     The list leans heavily toward the (formerly) transgressive with nods given to N.W.A., the Slits, Millions of Dead Cops, and The Shitty Beatles. Though taking home the top spot is umlaut-laden Motörhead, for its ability to “conjur[e] visions of pumping pistons, dripping sweat, and copious drugs.” Okay.

     Check out the whole list over at SPIN.