What Did PSY Say To Kevin Hart At The 2012 MTV VMAs? Here’s A Rough Translation

    Last night the MTV VMAs got a little surprise. The Korean K-pop sensation PSY not only performed at a pre-party concert with The Wanted, but he made an apperance with host Kevin Hart.

    Midway into the night, PSY and Hart were lifted up into the stage while doing the famous “horsey dance.” Hart proceeds to ask the cladly dressed popster “You got over 100 million [views] on YouTube right now for ‘Gangnam Style.’ How does it feel?”

    Taking a second to settle down from the wacky entrance, PSY continued to respond in Korean. Whether that was part of the skit or not, I’m sure most people had no idea what he said – unless of course, they spoke Korean as well. So for all of you PSY fans, here’s a rough translation:

    “I am so happy and feel so good. I’ve always wanted to be on this stage and speak Korean. It’s so cool.”

    Hart responded “Me too PSY!” But a second of quietness took over where then PSY proceeded to speak in English saying “You know what I’m talking about Kevin.” Hart replies “Why the hell didn’t you say it in English the first time PSY!” The two are then dropped back down while “Gangnam Style” is playing in the background and they’re performing the “horsey dance” again.

    So there you have it. Is this just the beginning of the “Hallyu Wave” in the United States? Will his signing to Justin Bieber’s managers label Schoolboy Records broaden the K-pop audience in the states? If anything, he’d definitely have to start speaking more English than last night’s one liner. But I’m sure the Boston, Berkley School of Music graduate will have the brains to do so.

    We patiently await his next move.