Wes Borland Gives Up, Realizes He Is In Limp Bizkit

    In case you’ve blocked them from your conscious mind, Limp Bizkit have a new album out this summer, and they are touring, and they probably are playing the shit out of “Nookie.” I’m not going to speak to the quality of the comeback album, Gold Cobra, because who has even listened to it? Not me, that’s for sure.


    But, there’s one reason to pay attention to Limp Bizkit right now, and it’s because longtime guitarist Wes Borland, who has left the band multiple times due to realizing he plays guitar in Limp Bizkit, is self-aware now. In an awesome interview with Music Radar, Borland is very forthcoming about what it’s like to be in Limp Bizkit, the number one punching bag of a rape-rock hating critical cognoscenti. Here’s just a sampling of what Borland had to say:

    You made a point of saying how you left the first time because the band was ridiculed. Of course, we all know that nothing’s changed in that regard – Limp Bizkit still aren’t the darling of the critics.


    “No, we’re not. But I’ve accepted that. What’s interesting is, because the deck is stacked against us and we’re now the underdogs, I’m interested again in a weird way. Being in the band is a challenge now, whereas before, when we were at our zenith, it was like clubbing baby seals.


    “People don’t care about us now. Things are harder for us. For some very weird reason, that’s interesting and exciting to me. I feel as though we’re building something again. My return is complicated, and there’s many gray areas to it.”

    Read the rest of the interview over here