Weird Al Yankovic Suing Sony Music For $5 Million

    And the royalty lawsuits just keep on coming. This time, it’s from Weird Al Yankovic, whose company Ear Booker Enterprises is suing Sony Music for $5 million. According to Billboard, the suit claims that the label took “improper and duplicate recoupments” and subsequently underpaid Yankovic. He allegedly didn’t receive any money from Sony Music’s court victories over file-sharing services like Napster and Kazaa.

    The suit continues to allege that Yankovic should be seeing money from the content he created that landed on YouTube. As Billboard notes: 

    The suit says, “a portion of Sony’s equity share in YouTube is directly apportionable and allocable to “White & Nerdy,” as well as other content created by Yankovic.

    Seeing language like that makes me feel like we’ll be seeing more and more of these suits moving forward. Watch the “White & Nerdy” video below. [Billboard]