Weezy And Young Money Debut New Song “We Alright”; YMCMB Collab Album ‘The Rise Of An Empire’ Announced

    If “We Alright” is a mission statement for Young Money Entertainment as a record label, it fits.  As a label, the artists can collectively be described as ‘alright.’  As their future prospects look, ‘alright.’ And a one word summation of the label’s newest single suffices, “alright.”  

    The newly released single isn’t terrible… per se.  The newcomer to YMCMB, Euro (Ironically not from Norway or Spain but actually Providence, Rhode Island) carries the chorus throughout, as well as the opening verse.  He shows some promise (“I’m eatin good, y’all can’t see my competition ’till I throw up”) but throws out too many cringe worthy lines (“Last night it felt like I ran through four clubs/ stood on a couch in every single one of ’em screamin out hoes down and bros up”).  

    Birdman steps into a song in despair and rights the ship quickly (“Bags full of every president that ever died”).  But once again, for every line that rings loudly (“Guns in the basement, millions in the wall, GTV cases”) theres the dim echo of a rap line from five years ago (“If it’s fuck ’em than it’s fuck em all/ Audemars and cigars and them new toys”). 

    We Are Young Money, YMCMB’s first collaboration album was largely carried by Weezy, and not much changes on this track.  None of these lines are going to be on Tunechi’s tombstone, but a few may make his eulogy, and there is even a flash of pre-prison Wayne: “Catch you while you layed up, straight up, bunny ears/ I shoot yo fucking fade up”.  It’s classic Weezy in that not only does it flow, and click on multiple levels, there is the tertiary connection to be made- that between lay ups and fade-away shots in basketball.  Perhaps its a stretch, maybe Wayne meant to imply that connection, or maybe it was a product of his writing process and subconscious association.  Whatever it was, it’s certainly a good sign for his next project, and helps in whatever slight way to fade Gunwalk from memory.


    Along with the release of the single “We Alright,” Cash Money records announced a March 11 drop-date of Young Money: The Rise of an Empire.  Expect appearances on the albumfrom most of the Young Money roster: Weezy, Birdman, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Gudda Gudda and Lil Twist, among others.  Young Money COO Cortez Bryant stated that “Our goal is the expansion of this Empire with the next generation of Kings and Queens ruling.”  He must not have gotten the memo that the Empire was still in the ‘rise’ stage, according to the album title.  Also expect Drake’s “Trophies” on the album.

    The album will probably be ‘alright.’  The first single was ‘alright.’  Weezy seems to have gotten over the tribulations of last year and is looking ‘alright.’  The label, riding the coattails of Drake and Lil’ Wayne, is still doing ‘alright.’