Weezer’s Tour Rider Reveals A Love Of Meditation And Chocolate

    If you’re thinking of heading out to see Weezer on their retro-tastic upcoming tour, here’s an idea of what the boys will be doing backstage before and after the show. Yes, the Smoking Gun has once again tracked down a prized tour rider, but this one looks more like the demands of a traveling new age conference.


    It looks like all the band members are vegetarians (“Vegetarian type soup or vegetarian chili” is required for lunch) and care about the environment (“NO STYROFOAM ANYWHERE” is their Kanye-like all-caps demand). There is also a separate dressing room required for meditation, just to get them in exactly the right mood for the umpteenth run-through of “The Sweater Song.”


    But, as the Smoking Gun points out, this band isn’t all about hippy idealism—the guys from Weezer love their high-end brands. Of these, European chocolate appears to be their greatest weakness: “Preferably (in order of preference) Teuscher, Vosges (55% cacao or higher, all other brands 70% cacao or higher), or Lindt.”


    [via The Smoking Gun]