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Weezer's 'Hurley' Streaming In Full At MySpace

There's only one week to wait until Weezer’s Hurley is officially available, but the possibility of sales being swamped by illegal downloaders may be tempered by this full stream of the record at MySpace. The album is, of course, named after Jorge Garcia’s character on Lost, whose face decorates the cover of Hurley.


The album includes 10 tracks, including one ("Run Away") that was co-written by Ryan Adams on a break from his attempt to foist his new metal direction on the world. There’s a big countdown clock, more pictures of Garcia, and a pre-order button to scroll through, but all 10 tracks are streaming somewhere over here.


Track listing for Hurley:


01. Memories

02. Ruling Me

03. Trainwrecks

04. Unspoken

05. Where's My Sex

06. Run Away

07. Hang On

08. Smart Girls

09. Brave New World

10. Time Flies


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