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Weezer's Hurley (Clothes) Is Here

Weezer's Hurley (Clothes) Is Here

Remember how in August we all kind of worried about Weezer being sponsored by clothing company Hurley and we were like maybe it was a coincidence that the company had the band record at its studio? Well, that seems pretty stupid now, given that you can go here and buy Weezer co-branded Hurley clothes. The clothes will be at Pacific Sun stores starting tomorrow, so if you want to look like a guy who used to have many, many loyal fans but now writes really bad songs, get to a mall.   

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i think this album has the makings of a good one. this is it, another pinkerton. all the pieces are there.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/RWeibush/images.jpeg Jed

"loyal fans" who loved pinkerton when it was released? i see.

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