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Ween Show Scuttles Madonna's Film Shoot



So, Madonna's shooting this movie about Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward, and decided to do some on location shooting in Central Park...on the day of Ween's SummerStage performance. Apparently stymied in her attempt to get the perfect shot in a movie that most likely will not be very good, Madge decided to see if she hold up soundcheck to finish shooting. The band, with the help of SummerStage production manager Danny Owen, carried on with soundcheck and played as planned. Thousands of New Yorkers enjoyed Ween. The entire world is one day farther away from Madonna's film. This is the fabled double win. [The Daily Swarm]

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I was one of the first few people waiting in line at the ween show and I must say, It was wild to see Madonna walk right by all of us to go put some of her thoughts out there about the sound checking. She was all business.


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