Weeknd In Drake’s Corner Vs. Common

    Have y’all been paying attention to the Common vs. Drake rap “beef?” Do you think Drake is “soft” for being in Degrassi, or is Common “soft” for being in Just Wright, Happy Feet Two, New Year’s Eve, Date Night, and the TV show Girlfriends? 

    All I’m interested in is who’s coming to whose side. Because it seems like Common’s out on an island here, fighting Drake and a mob, and that’s interesting to me. Like, obviously Lil Wayne, Birdman, and any other person on their payroll is Team Drake, while it’s not like Kanye is going to leap to be by Common’s side right now. 

    It’s to the point where enigmatic R&B wunderkind the Weeknd is even on Drake’s team, throwing shots at Common on Twitter. 

    “That was the worst comeback ive ever heard,” tweeted The Weeknd. “Reminds me of someone’s drunk uncle.”

    This is in the top five for dumbest beefs ever, but the fact that all of these grown people seem to have fighting interest in it is relentlessly entertaining to me. Like, can’t we just agree they both aren’t traditionally tough, and Common’s acting career is at least as embarrassing as Drake’s? [RapUp]