Weekend Box Office Lowest Since 2008

    It’s been a rough couple days for movie theaters, as Box Office Mojo is reporting the weekend box office was the lowest-grossing since Sept 2008. Not a single film managed to break $10 million, with the first place spot going to last week’s release The Possession at $9.5 million. The only new releases were CBS Films’ The Words, taking the third spot at $5 million, and The Cold Light of Day, which didn’t even break into the top ten at $1.8 million.

    The anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama’s America beat out The Cold Light of Day with a weekend gross of $3.28 million – about half of what the documentary took in last weekend. The recent increase in sales for 2016 is likely due to an increase in group sales, similar to the sales increases for past Christian-themed theatrical releases like Courageous and Foolproof. Considering the overlap in audiences for Christian films and right-wing propaganda, this is not very surprising.