We Need More Movies Like The Upcoming Moby Dick In Space

    When Moby Dick was first published in 1851, it wasn’t just about one man’s obsession to track down a whale. It also told the tale of a narrator who decided to leave his life behind and seek adventure on the high seas the only way he knew how — by joining a whaling vessel and circling the globe. 

    That premise certainly resonated with readers for the past 150 years, but it probably isn’t as engaging now as it was throughout history. However, the themes, characters and imagery of Moby Dick still hold up, which is why this is one title sorely in need of an update for modern audiences. But how can one make old-fashioned seafaring engaging again?

    The answer is to put it in space. 

    According to Vulture, writer and director Lynne Ramsay is working on the script for what will allegedly be called Mobius. Though most details haven’t been released yet, word is that she’ll be working to closely transplant as much of the original novel into the final frontier as possible. Get excited for Moby Dick in Space, folks, because it is coming and it will be terrific. The icing on the cake is that Ramsay is currently finishing up work on Jane’s Got a Gun, which stars Michael Fassbender. He may be too young for Ahab, but he’d certainly make a fantastic protagonist in Ishmael.