We May See A Stephen Colbert Cameo In ‘The Hobbit’

    Lots of people like The Lord of the Rings series, but the most high-profile fan might be Stephen Colbert. He’s pointed out his love for those books and movies on multiple occasions, and he was even given a set of chocolate figurines shaped like Middle-Earth characters by Viggo Mortensen on the air. Colbert may also own a replica of Anduril, the sword that belongs to hero Aragorn. 

    So if you’ve heard the rumor that Empire Online has been spreading, don’t think it’s too hard to believe. The news source recently spoke with Colbert and got him to admit that he’d taken a trip to visit the set of Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit. The director knows he’s a huge fan, so he showed the fake TV pundit 25 minute cut of the movie. 

    This led to speculation that Colbert might be gearing up for a cameo. However, he didn’t answer definitively, only saying that it “could be.” Here’s hoping that he did get that chance. Colbert is the sort of guy who’s been living out childhood dreams for the better part of a decade, and this would certainly be another great one to add to his list.