We Are Scientists slam Rage Against the Machine

    How was the Reading/Leeds Festival experience for New Yorkers We Are Scientists? It seems the band’s actual sets at the English festival will be the least remembered aspect of their appearance this weekend. At Leeds, band members Chris Cain and Keith Murray were caught on camera by NME as they got into a fight and trashed their own dressing room. At Reading, Cain and Murray laid into Rage Against the Machine for the “new shit of pretension that they’ve added into their set."

    Unfortunately the video clip showing Cain and Murray’s dressing room destruction appears to have been removed from NME’s site at present. But temperatures were clearly running high as the band members commented on Rage’s headline set at Reading. “I really hate political statements coming from bands,” says Murray, who is clearly not a Billy Bragg fan. “I feel like the last person I want to hear a philosophy from is someone whose one credential is that they can play the guitar."

    Murray may want to take an extended hiatus from the U.S. in the build up to the election later this year, which is sure to find numerous bands endorsing Barack Obama’s campaign. But he also appears to contradict himself by saying of Rage: “no matter whether or not you think they’re a bunch of fools who are trapped in freshmen year of university, [they] are at least speaking their minds and like trying to make a difference.” Uh, thanks for that Keith. [NME]