Wayne Coyne Shuts Down Oklahoma City Airport For Carrying Grenade

    Come on, Wayne Coyne. The Flaming Lips singer shut down the entire Oklahoma City Will Rogers Airport last week, and not because of screaming fans; rather, he caused quite the security scare when he attempted to sneak through carrying his personal hand grenade.

    Coyne was detained by TSA, questioned by OKC police, and ultimately released after explaining that the grenade was “dead and painted.” All said and done, threat level: children’s toy. Still. It was a grenade. Inside a piece of luggage. Carried by a man who often resembles someone who might make lampshades out of human skin.

    Fuse posted the official police report, and on it Coyne did admit he “should have known better.” That’s right, Wayne. When you’re dealing with a group that only allows 3.4 oz of toothpaste (to prevent toothpaste bombs) on a plane, your toy grenade is probably not going to fly, no pun intended.

    Coyne posted an apology on Twitter: “Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!” The incident caused major delays for other passengers, with one person claiming he was forced to spend an extra $1,000 to book another flight.

    When he’s not smuggling harmless war memorabilia across state lines, Coyne can be heard talking to his “head-shaped tumor” for a one-hour McSweeney’s radio special, airing this weekend. [Spinner]