Wayne Coyne Says The Flaming Lips New Album Is Dark And Spontaneous

    Though their 15th studio album isn’t slated to be released until early next year, Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne gave some insight of what’s to come.

    Tentatively titled The Terror, Coyne tells Rolling Stone that is was made under his ideal circumstances and has called the record “possibly the best Flaming Lips record ever made.” That statement should get fans’ attention.

    “We kept stumbling upon these little things,” Coyne tells the magazine excitedly of the recording process. “When you get freebies like that, it’s really great!”

    However, the lyrics aren’t as cheerful as the frontman. The title track is, in Coyne’s words, a “really brutal but love song.”

    Even with the dark overtones, Coyne says this album is one of the band’s best and is a continues using non-traditional songwriting techniques, a method the Flaming Lips began employing for 2009’s Embryonic. “We started to abandon the idea of writing songs,” he explains. “We were being more in-the-moment and more spontaneous.”

    Looks like fans of the Oklahoma-based psych rockers have a lot to look forward to next year.