Wayne Coyne Responds To The William Blakes’ Wayne Coyne album

    This video was put on YouTube last week, but Tiny Mix Tapes has alerted us to one of the most bizarrely awesome self-referential music interviews in recent memory. Wayne Coyne, speaking with the Gene Triplett, the entertainment editor of The Oklahoman (which may, in fact, have more pop music coverage than what Wayne Coyne is up to), not only acknowledged that he was aware that there was an album named after him, but he knew who the William Blakes were, and had spoken to them already. He even knew the band’s name before Triplett mentioned it:



    Wayne Coyne said it was an “great honor” to be associated with William Blake, and called the Danish band members, and calling the William Blakes “cool and creative,” politely keeping things superficial and not assessing the music itself.


    It is certainlty encouraging to see rock stars of the previous decade graciously acknowledging and taking active interest in their followers, rather than sueing a younger band of loyal followers (a phenomenon Coyne is all too familiar with). Still, there are no indications that Coyne will be inviting the Blakes to open for the Flaming Lips anytime soon.