Wayne Coyne: “Let’s hope it’s Obama”

    Have you voted yet? Tell us about your voting experiences here. Head Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne is heading to the polls today, and he’s made it clear which candidate will get his vote. “Well, let’s hope it’s going to be fucking Obama rather than the Palin/McCain thing," he told NME. Coyne took time out from promoting the forthcoming DVD release of his Christmas on Mars feature to talk about the election, warning his fans: "I don’t want people to be over-confident and relaxed though. People need to keep going.”

    Coyne lives in the staunchly Republican Oklahoma City, and has some strong views on the local politics in his homestead. "I’m as involved in local politics as you can be,” he said. "I meet with our mayor and the presidential election isn’t everything. And you can shape that."

    Returning to Obama, it seems the “Vote for Change” message has sunk in, with Coyne saying: “Let’s hope it’s Obama though. It would make people’s attitudes change, it shows you it can be more than a dream. We’ve got a lot of racist and stupidly religious people so there’s still a lot of work to do. But it does look hopeful. Let’s keep working and make this a reality." [via NME]