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Wayne Coyne: Fashion Guru

If you think fake blood and pink spacesuits are so last season then you obviously need a few fashion tips. Enter Wayne Coyne, the sartorially elegant frontman of the Flaming Lips, otherwise known as the Tim Gunn of indie rock. Coyne explains his fashion choices in this interview in the Men's Style section of British newspaper the Daily Telegraph .

Coyne explains his fondness for eyepatches, the influence of his wife on his clothing and the importance of the intricate stitching in his Vivienne Westwood shirts. He perhaps goes into a little to much detail when discussing his favorite underwear, saying: “I have a lucky pair of underpants with a red trumpet on the butt, although I recently admitted to myself that they were getting too stretched out and might have to been thrown away soon. I was practising yoga wearing them the other day and they kept sliding off. ” Ew.

The Flaming Lips’ singer’s resistance to hair dye will reassure anyone who has a few grey hairs, and he claims: “I want anyone who wears a white suit from now on to be compared to me.” Sorry Wayne, but anyone who’s seen the classic Sam Peckinpah feature Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia will tell you that Warren Oates beat you to that honor long ago (and with the fake blood, too).
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Damn right, Warren Oates is the king of the bloody white suit look.


I love Oates. His character in Alfredo Garcia was apparently based on Peckinpah.

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