Wayne Coyne Clears Up The Airport Grenade Incident: “The Truth Is Unfortunately Boring”

    As a follow up to the Wayne Coyne Grenade Incident, henceforth referred to as the Wayne Coyne Grenade Incident, apparently the whole thing was blown out of proportion, according to statements from both Coyne and his reps.

    Coyne spoke to Pitchfork, relaying his exasperation with the whole damn thing. And to be fair, it is a stupid, stupid thing. So what does Mr. Coyne have to say for himself?

    “The truth is unfortunately boring,” Coyne said. The night before the flight, the band had been up all night at a house party– “you know, pot and booze and drugs and people playing music until six o’clock in the morning”– where Coyne picked up a “non-explodable” grenade and took it with him as a souvenir. “It was an actual grenade that was now missing its explosive parts and painted gold. I just threw this gold grenade in my bag and had not quite thought about it.”

    Coyne went on to reference the airport “bureaucracy,” and how they’re required to follow protocol for dealing with potentially hazardous paraphernalia, which includes sending in a bomb squad, a terrible affliction of paperwork, and (allegedly) the entire airport being shut down for a period of investigation. The police report, which we referenced in earlier coverage of the incident, did state that Coyne was entirely cooperative during the whole bureaucratic procedure.

    So how did this become something worth talking about? That’s a good question. The Lost Ogle reported the event yesterday and even featured testimony from someone who was (allegedly) at the airport at the time of the Wayne Coyne Grenade Incident (this is the nameless individual who missed his flight and was forced to “shell out” $1,000 for new plane tickets; he included a blurry photo of a shoe-less Coyne standing at the security checkpoint).

    The moral of this story: nothing became something and something is–while perhaps an error on Coyne’s part–really, nothing. Let’s move on. [Pitchfork]