Wayne Coyne claims Americans “can’t really relate” to Oasis

    Head Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne is a magnanimous fellow. He seems like the kind of guy most people would like to share a beer or two with, at least judging from his in-between-song patter during Flaming Lips shows. But if there’s one thing Coyne doesn’t like, it’s a certain strain of British music that’s emerged in recent times.

    Coyne has made disparaging comments about Oasis, Razorlight and the Arctic Monkeys to British tabloid the Daily Star, commenting that the latter band “seem too much like a British thing to me.” The Daily Star is about as low as it goes in the British tabloid hierarchy, and it’s likely that Coyne wasn’t aware of the newspaper’s unfortunate reputation.

    He also claimed that Americans “can’t really relate” to Oasis, but did have some kinder words to say about Amy Winehouse and Radiohead. “I prefer Radiohead,” he said. “They deserve to win a Grammy.” Regarding Winehouse, he said that he hopes she “doesn’t become too much of a drug addict,” and that he’s still a fan of her music. The Flaming Lips recently released their Christmas on Mars feature, and are set to curate one day at next year’s ATP Festival in upstate New York. [NME]