Wavves Releasing Their Own ‘Paperboy’-Inspired Video Game

    Because he’s not busy enough touring and churning out new projects like Life Sux, Wavves’ Nathan Williams is extending his artistic reach into another realm. No, he’s not the latest musician to flex his music video-directing chops. He’s finishing up his own video game that is apparently inspired by such frustration-inducing classics as Paperboy and the early Simpsons games.

    Or, in Williams’ words: “The premise is sort of a nightmare and the majority of the game will play like Paperboy on acid.” He added that “this shit gets pretty wild” referring to the fact that, like Paperboy, you can expect to get chased by a bunch of enemies, which ranged from tornadoes to death. The art you see accompanying this post is a screenshot of an early rendering from the game. [Pitchfork]