Watch: Yao Ming Is On A Mission To Save Elephants And Rhinos

    Yao Ming’s career in the NBA will most likely be remembered as a “what could have been” scenario, but the man is still the most recognizable athlete in China and a national icon to boot. While most of us would just kick back and bask in the adoration of over a billion people, the former center has made it his mission to save rhinos and elephants in Africa. There is a large Chinese market for products made from elephant ivory and rhino horn, which is leading to an uptick in poaching. To combat this practice, Yao is shooting a documentary on the subject to be released in 2013 and recently made his first trip to Kenya to film and raise awareness. Though it seems unusual for a modern athlete to take an activist stance, this is not even Yao’s first undertaking in the area of wildlife preservation- last year he and Richard Branson launched a successful campaign against shark fin soup.  [Yahoo Sports]