Watch: ‘World War Z’ Gets An Official Trailer

    Next summer, Brad Pitt will be the only thing standing between the world and a zombie-pocalypse–or so World War Z would have you believe. The movie is based on the popular Max Brooks novel, which featured an oral history of the war against zombies sometime in the near future. The film, however, has taken liberties with that plot construction, portraying Pitt as a U.N. worker who must help to save his family and the world in a first-hand account.

    Suffice to say, this thing’s going to be a monstrously big summer blockbuster, and the hype is already hitting the fan with its first trailer. We’re still more than six months out from its June 21 release, but yesterday the official trailer was revealed. It shows Pitt calmly leading his family to safety as hordes of the undead overrun the world. Watch the trailer below.