Watch ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Synced With ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’

    It’s an urban legend you hear as soon as you discover weed/Pink Floyd/acid: That Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is meant as a soundtrack piece for Wizard of Oz, that if you play them side by side, they totally match up. And while I’m aware that there certainly has to be some versions of this floating around the Internet, Daily Swarm points to perhaps the most perfectly executed version of this mashup. It’s below for your work avoidance purposes. It certainly seems to match up in spots (like the part where the witch rips through on her bike) and the part where “raise the blade” is said right when the Tin Man raises a blade. I feel like I need to be 1000 percent more stoned to completely dig this, but it’s still pretty awesome.  

    The Dark Side of Oz from Bryan Pugh on Vimeo.