Watch Will Arnett, Nick Offerman & Tina Fey On The Late-Night Circuit

    Last night was a solid one for comedy around the late-night television circuit. The good folks over at Vulture have assembled a compilation of a few choice moments. First up there’s Will Arnett publicly reading text messages from his mother on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He’s understandably a little peeved about finding “The Good Wife is an excellent show” on his phone early in the morning.

    Next is Nick Offerman on Late Show with David Letterman playing his wife Megan Mullally an uncomfortable song for her 50th birthday. Finally there’s Tina Fey on Late-Night with Jimmy Fallon showing off some of her kid’s art. It seems her oldest daughter is subtly trying to haunt her new baby sister with demon faces. It’s troubling. Watch the whole thing down below. [Vulture]