Watch: Whitney Houston And Jordin Sparks In Video For “Celebrate”

    Posthumous film roles are a tricky business. On one hand, the probability of the film’s financial success is high (see: James Dean in Giant; Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight). On the other hand, nothing can remedy the creepy feeling that happens when watching someone onscreen who no longer exists in real life — the Tupac hologram, without nearly as much novelty.

    Enter the video for “Celebrate,” the first single off the soundtrack for Sparkle, which comes out in August and stars Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks. The issue: how to present “Celebrate,” a very upbeat duet with Houston and Sparks, after Houston’s untimely death? The video solves this problem by cutting together movie clips (where Houston is present) and a sequence where Sparks and her co-stars remember Houston by throwing a party in her honor. It’s a strange effect; Sparks and company try to dance and look cheerful, but they’re clearly unnerved. Still, it’s the best they can do. Watch the video for “Celebrate” below.