Watch Waka Flocka And Steve Aoki Perform On Stage (Video)

    The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Presents to you: Waka Flocka (@WakaFlockaBSM) and Steve Aoki’s (@SteveAoki) “Rage” Performance. Watch as Waka and Steve perform their new collaboration “Rage The Night.”  EME also caught up with Waka before the performance to speak about what it is like crossing into the EDM world, caking fans, making fun of Gucci Mane in the “Obituary” video, and Lex Luger.

    Waka is pretty serious about EDM music, but can we really fault him? After coming up from striving street artist to one of the best one year runs in southern hip hop history, he’s pretty much done all he can. He’s an artist, so you  have to evolve. Just ask Kanye.

    To check out the video, watch below: