Watch Usher & Adam Levine “How Does It Feel” (D’Angelo Cover Live On ‘The Voice’)

    Over a decade old, D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” still soaks with sweat, soul, and sexiness. Bringing it back, Usher and Adam Levine both judges on the show ‘The Voice’ take a chance on the R&B classic. With Levine taking lead guitar duties and Usher taking the vocal lead, the two do am impressive rendition of the track. And with the addition of the full backing band, the audience was treated to something special.

    The track originally appeared on D’Angelo’s album Voodoo. It was originally released in 2000. There hasn’t been a word or hint as to when the neo-soul vocalist will return, but hopefully soon.

    For now get rekindled with his track “How Does It Feel” below:

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