Watch Two Waka Flocka Videos: “I Don’t Really Care” F. Trey Songz & “Foreign Shit”

    The promotional push behind Waka Flocka Flame’s Triple F Life is gearing up: He just put out a video for club-ready anthem, “I Don’t Really Care.” He and Trey do some crazy shit at some kind of basement meeting, and I’m not sure I can really tell what is going on. But what I do know is that this song is going to be huge with the kids, which means it’s going to be huge everywear. Get ready for Waka Flock Flame: Mainstream star.

    That’s not all though: While in Paris recently, Waka recorded a new song called “Foreign Shit” and then went out into the streets of Paris and recorded a video. The video features a lot of pretty ladies, and a lot of shots of the Eiffel Tower. But the verses are sort of lyrical, which is a different look for Waka. “I go hard, like Cialis,” indeed. Watch that too: