Watch: Tributes To Adam Yauch From Lyor Cohen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NY Mets, And More

    Tributes to Adam Yauch/MCA continue to pour in from around the web and we’ve continued compiling them. Watch videos below from Lyor Cohen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the NY Mets in addition to a letter from Thom Yorke and a remix from Expensive Looks.

    Adam Yauch’s mother Frances Yauch spoke with the NY Times

    “He was a very courageous person,” his mother, Frances Yauch, said. “He fought a long battle with cancer. He was hopeful to the very end.”


    LL Cool J’s reaction to the passing of Adam Yauch (Video) [via RR]: 


    Lyor Cohen on the passing of Adam Yauch (Video):

    “Yauch was a curious guy. He was courageous, not concerned what everyone thought.”

    Red Hot Chili Peppers perform “So What’cha Want” (Video):

    Anthony Kiedis proclaimed, “We’re playing this show tonight for Adam Yauch. He left the world with a lot of beauty.”

    Flea later shouted about Yauch, “Adam was for real. I love that man!” [AHH]


    Mets honor Adam Yauch (Video) [via MLB]:

    The New York Mets paid tribute to Adam Yauch by walking out to different Beastie Boys songs.

    1. Ruben Tejeda – “Intergalactic
    2. Daniel Murphy – “No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    3. David Wright – “Brass Monkey
    4. Lucas Duda – “The New Style
    5. Scott Hairston – “Root Down
    6. Ike Davis – “Fight for Your Right
    7. Andres Torres – “So Watch’cha Want
    8. Josh Thole – “Make Some Noise
    9. Dillon Gee – “Body Movin’


    Thom Yorke’s tribute on [via BV]:

    Thom Yorke posted a messaged on Radiohead’s web site entitled “Dot Connectors.”

    I was very sad to hear the news of Adam Yauch’s death yesterday.

    We looked up to the Beastie Boys a lot when we were starting out and how they maintained artistic control making wicked records but still were on a major label, and the Tibetan Freedom Concerts they organized had a very big influence on me personally and the way Adam conducted himself and dealt with it all impressed me a lot. He was a mellow and v smart guy. May he rest in peace.

    On another note check this out> people connecting the dots of our weird weather patterns, though the climate change deniers still frantically shout their voice is getting quieter. climate dots around the world

    and some music..

    1. Kurduli Hidjazkiar Taxim Kementchedi Alecco Open Strings
    2. Blue Horizon Sidney Bechet The Ultimate Collection
    3. Too Polite Feat. Louis Vines Throwing Snow
    4. When the Ship Comes In Bob Dylan
    5. Gene Piece, R.A.I Bird Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer
    6. Strange Fruit Sidney Bechet
    7. Shake Your Rump Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique
    8. Ghana: Voices & Percussion Vocalists and drummers of Ghana African Rhythms & Instruments: Vol 1
    9. Caves Of Paradise Actress R.I.P.
    10.Ascending Actress R.I.P.
    11.Ocoras Four Tet



    Beastie Boys: “Intergalactic” (Expensive Looks Edit) [via AHIAS]