Watch Tom Cruise Continue To Not Age In A ‘Jack Reacher’ Trailer

    There are many theories about how Tom Cruise has managed not to age very much in the past 20 years. Some people believe that he’s found a secret magical elixir of life. Others claim he’s some kind of incubus who has sucked all the youth and vitality of ex-wives Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. It’s also alleged that he’s made a pact with the Scientology god Xenu for immortality. 

    However, no matter how he does it, he’s still churning out action thrillers that men much younger than himself wouldn’t be able to handle. The latest is called Jack Reacher, and the film has been a hot commodity ever since Hollywood first took an interest in the series of books penned by British author Lee Child. Cruise beat out potential leads Vince Vaughn, Jamie Foxx, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and Will Smith to play the U.S. Army investigator on the hunt for justice. 

    Jack Reacher might not see quite as many incredible stunts as something like last year’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but you’ll still see plenty of fighting and explosions. If you don’t think Cruise can still hack it, check out the trailer below (via IndieWire) and see for yourself.