Watch Tina Fey Wonder What Will Happen To Tracy Morgan After ’30 Rock’

    Tracy Morgan is hilarious. That’s a fact, and there’s not really any use arguing about it. However, that doesn’t mean he’s always going to be the successful star he is now. Sure, he did very well during his time on Saturday Night Live, creating excellent characters like Brian Fellows and Woodrow the Homeless Man, but he didn’t really take off until his semi-autobiographical turn on 30 Rock

    His character of Tracy Jordan really played to his strengths as a comedian, so it’ll be hard to recapture that magic afterwards. In fact, even his co-stars are concerned about what’s going to happen to him when the show wraps its seventh and final season early next year. 

    Tina Fey stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon last night, and amidst discussing how hard it is to make a cake shaped like SNL producer Lorne Michaels, Fey remarked about how bittersweet ending her show will be. In particular, she wondered if Tracy Morgan being out of her sight would make her nervous. After all, as she said, “He might fall into a pool or something.” Check out the video below (via The Hollywood Reporter)  and make sure to see how 30 Rock ends its excellent run this season.