Watch: Tim Heidecker Discuss Hitler’s Indigestion In A Scene From ‘The Comedy’


    Tribeca Film has released another clip of Rick Alverson’s indie film The Comedy. In the clip, we see main character Swanson (Tim Heidecker) making a drunken attempt to lend credit to Adolf Hitler, as long as you “take the murder out of the equation” and comparing him to “a male cheerleader for his people,” before bringing up the Fuhrer’s problem with indigestion.

    The film has gotten some of the most scathing reviews of any festival release in recent memory. At the same time, the movie stars Heidecker and his frequent collaborator Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job and the duo is known to polarize audiences, so the response could be due the audience’s reaction to the subject matter and cast, not the film.

    This clip only helps reinforce that critics unjustly panned The Comedy, as the segment is pretty amusing. The Comedy hits video-on-demand services on Oct. 24 and also stars former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphey and Gregg Turkington, who is better known to comedy nerds as the man behind the persona of Neil Hamburger.