Watch This Excellent Re-Cut Of ‘Modern Family’ As A Horror Movie

    TV audiences often find themselves seeing patterns in the seasons of programs. It’s not the individual seasons, starting in fall and ending in the spring, that truly matter. It’s the time of year and what that means for viewers’ favorite show’s episodes. 

    For instance, Halloween is upon us, so every single program is going to have to reference that somehow. There’s no doubt that Modern Family will be among them, but the creators of the show have found a way to reference Halloween in another, more hilarious manner. 

    One of the best online takes on a TV show this time of year has to be the Modern Family re-cut that transforms the series into a dark and twisted horror movie. Watch it below (via Vulture) and appreciate how easy it is for Fizbo the Clown to go from a punchline to the basis for a horror thriller.