Watch This Cute And Horrifying ‘Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory’ Mash-Up

    There are two famous TV Dexters, and they have a few things in common. Both are very intelligent and use their intellects to entertain themselves. They both also have sisters who may or may not be about to ruin everything they’ve worked so hard for. Both also tend to get in trouble with authority figures. 

    After that, the similarities basically end. However, that hasn’t stopped Screen Junkies from putting together a mash-up of Dexter and Dexter’s Laboratory. The results are hilarious, creepy and cute, all at the same time. Fair warning — you’ve got to be a fan of both shows to appreciate every little joke. If you haven’t watched either, do yourself a favor and check them out. Dexter’s Laboratory was a Cartoon Network show ahead of its time and filled with jokes that adults would find hilarious even today. Dexter is about a serial killer cop who kills serial killers. Need I say more?

    Check out the mash-up below (via Vulture) and imagine what other shows deserve to be combined in the same way.