Watch This Coachella 2013 Teaser Called “Bloom”, What’s The Surprise? (Video)

    Since its inception in 1999, the music festival known as Coachella has vastly expanded its reach and has become one of the most anticipated music events every year. From Radiohead to the Black Keys and to artists reuniting such as At The Drive-In and many others, Coachella’s influence on bringing the biggest, most legendary and iconic artists either from a hiatus and or even the dead knows no bounds.

    And as the countdown to the events dual weekend festivities slowly tick, the official YouTube account for the festival just released a video titled “Bloom.” No further description was attached. So with the videos slowly day to night time theme flickers through, what does it mean? mentioned “Bloom” is the title of a Radiohead song and also a Beach House album. Did they also forget that it’s also the title of a Nirvana song? There is no doubt that the surprise will be epic once it’s announced.

    Watch the tease below: