Watch This Awesome ‘MacGyver’ Video Made From Bits Of Junk

    If you don’t remember MacGyver, here’s a quick review: MacGyver was a secret agent for a mysterious organization that helped people throughout the world. He was firmly against guns, which means that he always had to take down bad guys through non-lethal means. He had an amazing understanding of technology and engineering, so he could use random objects and bits of junk to construct some fantastic weapons and equipment.

    Sound awesome? It sure was. That’s why there’s such admiration for the character to this day, despite the fact that his show was on from 1985 to 1992. He’s due for something of a resurgence on the internet, and the best person to lead that charge might just be Eric Bert. He’s created a number of musical odes to action stars, from Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his latest rap song is all about the handiest her of them all. 

    Check it out below (via Vulture), get a load of all the awesome machines MacGyver was actually able to make, and start petitioning one of the networks for a reboot. A new version might not see a coffin transformed into a jet ski, but just think about what a 21st century MacGyver could do with an iPad.