Watch This Amazing Retro Commercial For ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

    Internet connections grow faster every day, and monitors have combined with lightning-quick processing speeds to make stunning photorealistic graphics possible on the cheapest of devices. 

    Then why are retro games so popular?

    Old-fashioned games that have low resolutions and feature very small pixel counts are all the rage, and they’re only gaining in popularity as more people remember titles from their childhoods. If you consider yourself in this group, you’ve got to check out Wreck-It Ralph, which debuts on Nov. 2. It’s all about an old, one-dimensional video game villain who wants to do something different and explore the dynamic video game world that’s been off-limits to him for so long. 

    Wreck-It Ralph looks to be one of the first video game movies in a long time that actually understands gaming — so much so that they’ve captured the style and feel of old games in their newest commercial. Check it out below (via and think back on a time when you needed to hoard quarters so you could play games for as long as possible.