Watch These ‘Skyfall’ B-Rolls To Get An Idea Of The Film

    Anytime you watch a movie, there’s a very interesting process going on. What you see on the screen is what the director, cinematographer and even actors have visualized before production even began. However, the hours and hours of footage they’ve shot capture much more than what actually appears on the screen. In fact, editing is such a big part of filmmaking precisely because it takes out anything that could harm a viewer’s impression of a film. 

    Secondary footage like this is called a b-roll, and it’s often used to maintain continuity, document the shooting process and ensure everything goes off without a hitch. B-roll footage can take you out of the moment and reveal how tricks and effects were actually done. Therefore, it’s a good idea not to corrupt your mind with b-roll images before you see a film — particularly an intense action film. 

    However, there are still a couple of weeks left before Skyfall hits theaters in North America on Nov. 9, so you might as well go ahead let yourself in on some filming b-roll footage. That way you can get your James Bond fix ahead of the movie’s premiere, but when that day actually comes you won’t have images of cameras and dollies in your head. Watch the first one below and check out the rest over at /Film