Watch The Weeknd Perform ‘Echoes Of Silence’ Tracks Live

    2012 is the year when the Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, breaks the wall of mystery around himself, performing live at Coachella (and surely other places yet to be announced) and almost certainly taking an interview. He’s been gearing up for those Coachella dates by playing around his native Toronto, and recently, a YouTuber captured him performing some tracks from Echoes of Silence. Below, you can see clips of “Outside” and “Same Old Song,” both of which are pretty blown out, thanks to people losing their damn minds at seeing Tesfaye in the flesh. The main take aways here are: 1. Tesfaye’s voice sounds live like it does on record, so he’s not manufacturing that sound. 2. His bass is going to be knee buckling live. Dude, announce a tour already!