Watch The Walkmen Play “Love Is Luck” And “We Can’t Be Beat” On ‘Conan’

    When last we saw the Walkmen on late night television, they were breaking hearts on Letterman while dressed in their casually-cool suits. Last night, the Walkmen took to the Conan airwaves wearing what looks to be the same exact outfits. Nice to know they have late night uniforms, and considering that they’re such veterans of that particular circuit, it makes sense.

    This time around, the New York lads busted out two Heaven cuts: for the broadcast, the starry-eyed “Love Is Luck,” with Hamilton Leithauser strapping on a Telecaster; and for the web, the gorgeous album opener “We Can’t Be Beat,” complete with multi-part harmonies and Leithauser’s show-stopping vocal finale. These guys are total pros. Watch the fun, in two parts, below.