Watch The Video For Odd Future’s “NY (Ned Flander)”

    Is there even any point in mentioning that the video for Odd Future’s new single, “NY (Ned Flander)” is “controversial,” and that it’s offensive in a way that will have YouTubing parents worried and offended, but will just have eyerolls from the internet in general? Because it is. There’s implied child molestation, shout outs to Sandusky, and Hodgy Beats eating to the scariest rap video of all time. What does it all add up to? Something that we’re going to hear complaints about for the next 12 hours, but will never see again. I guess I’d be more offended if people actually interacted with Odd Future in a way that isn’t just, “THEY SAY BAD WORDS,” because that’s so played out, and so stupid at this point. Either your on board at this point, or you ain’t. 

    As far as the song? It’s solid. It’s clear that Hodgy is going to be the star of the tape: His verse on this and “Rella” totally bodies Tyler the Creator’s. You be the judge below: