Watch The Video For Cypress Hill & Rusko’s “Roll It, Light It”

    I think my (only) favorite thing about Rusko & Cypress Hill teaming up for a rap-step joint EP is that nothing can prevent Cypress Hill from rapping about smoking weed. B. Real could be rapping over an orchestra playing Bach, and he’d be like, “Nyuk nyuk, smoke some weed” in that high voice. I mean, here he is over a big, dumb beat (DROP THE BASS) in the expensive looking video for “Roll It, Light It,” spitting about weed while Rusko conjures a stomping electro elephant.

    I guess on the plus side, a month ago, this EP seemed like an elaborate troll job, and now this seems like the next big things the teenagers who scare me in my building will be listening to. So there’s that. The EP is due out in April.